Augson Livestock Processing Company (ALPCO)

ALPCO was registered in 2015, as a subsidiary company to Augson Global to establish, manage and maintain farms and processing complex in Ghana. ALPCO has entered into agreement with Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin, the Okyemanhene and the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council, as well as Mumuadu Rural Bank GH Ltd for the establishment of a state-of-the-art Livestock Farms and Processing Complex at Kyebi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The following products will be produced by the modular process equipment: Frozen Chicken / Meat, Bacon, Sausages, Ready Meals, Boneless products, Bone-in products, Portioned products and Filled products.

Processing is an essential part of the birds and animal production value chain. Ghana and some parts of West African countries have always been short of processed meat products, especially chicken and pork, and it will continue to be even so, because of the emerging importation cut down policy by government.

The formation of ALPCo by AGL is to establish, operate and manage the activiites of a poultry and livestock processing complex in Ghana.

Our MachineryFarm Tractor

ALPCo Business Operating Mode

As part of the operations of ALPCo, farming has been included. This is to guarantee the supply of safe and secured raw materials to our plants. Some of the farming activities includes:

  • Maize plantation
  • Silo
  • Feedmill
  • Hatching
  • Poultry

Performance by ALPCo

Producers are striving for higher efficiency and a reduction in costs, reasons being that labor costs are rising and natural resources becoming ever scarcer.Everyday production must be able to run without
problems with the highest possible up-time, the best yields achievable and predictable, lowest possible cost of ownership.A lot of attention is also being paid to food safety and
quality and of course to producing in an ethical and socially responsible way. Animal welfare, water and energy consumption, full traceability and taking care of
the raw material are therefore important starting points.The aim is to add value to poultry as effectively as possible.

Day after day, ALPCo will prove its strength in the Ghana poultry markets with all its facets. With our Marel’s solutions, we will offer our customers the best possible products ever. We are convinced that acquiring innovative equipment offers the best chance of achieving this. We bring our customers the future today. Our choice for innovation has not happened by chance. Right from the beginning of this vision, we opted for innovative solutions with added value, solutions based on thorough research, solution from Marel. Innovation is a core value; you can say it is in their DNA. They stand with both feet on the ground and are deeply rooted in the poultry industry and its developments.

With our solutions from Marel, we can make all the end products currently available in the market. Besides well known whole bird, portion and 詮걄let products, the solutions also allow us to produce and pack automatically at high speed a large number of cut, formed, marinated or coated products. We also o詮€er high quality solutions for processing giblets, feet, skin, MDM products and cartilage.Focus on Technology, Skills, and Know-How, experts for top management will be hired to lead ALPCo in order to energize and drive the change.

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