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IndustriesEmerging Leaders in Various Industries

OIl & Gas

We are your reliable partner in oil and gas. We have built a solid reputation in the oil and gas industry over the years.

Media & Publication

We work tirelessly to expand media coverage in the country and the sub-region. We are the voice of the voiceless and fight for the marginalized and improvished through our outlets.


Transportation is a big issue in the country and it is one industry that Augson Global seeks to be a key player in. Augson Transport is lining  some revolutionary plans to change the industry.


We have at our disposal; a team of  highly skilled and technical engineers. Their areas of expertise cut across the following areas: civil, electrical and mechanical.


We are very vibrant in agriculture. Augson Livestock Processing Company is a subsidiary of Augson Global and a power player in the agriculture sector of the Ghanaian economy.

Real Estates

Real Estate is a growing industry in the country. With the national housing deficit widening by the year, Augson Real Estates Company is positioning itself to take full advantage of  the expected housing explosion in the country.

Why Partner Us


Efficiency is the ratio of inputs to outputs. At Augson Global every materials, overheard or labour is assigned to products and services. By this practice, we widen the gap between cost and perceived value which affect margins.

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Product Differentiation

We offer a valued variation of our physical products and services. This ability to differentiate products and services varies greatly along a continuum. Our clients and customers easily differentiate our valued products and services from the competition. 

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Innovation encompasses more than product innovation.  As much as product innovation is important, process innovation is equally important. Process innovation leads to the reduction in costs and may take competitors a significant amount of time to discover.

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Latest News & AnnouncementsLatest Developments at Augson Global & Its Subs

  • Augson Global warns public of fake Facebook accounts and impersonation

    A multi-sector investment conglomerate based in Ghana, Augson Global Limited has advised the general public to be wary of persons cloning the company on social media especially Facebook to swindle people. A statement signed by CEO of Augson Global, Rudolf Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh, said the company’s attention was drawn to “some group of criminals” using its

    June 5, 2020
  • UHAS signs MoU with Augson Global

    A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the University of Health & Allied Sciences at Sokode-Lokoe near Ho, and Augson Global Limited located in Accra. Professor Seth Owusu-Agyei, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Chairman of the PPP Committee of the university recounted the Request for Proposals, Presentation and Evaluation processes conducted by the university for the development

    August 2, 2019
  • Augson Global Press Release

    NOTICE OF AUGSON GLOBAL’S INTRODUCTION OF A NEW INVESTMENT INITIATIVE IN GHANA Augson Global has launched a new initiative program aimed at assisting the low-and middle-income earners, and the poor and deprived communities in Ghana. The company is embarking on developmental projects investments dubbed “Augson Investment Program (AuSIP)” in selected areas of Agricultural Mechanization, Irrigation

    June 13, 2019